Newtz is a proud supporter of using ecological textiles, we opted to use garments that were Fair Wear Foundation certified (which is very similar to Fair Trade but dedicated to the needs of the garment industry) plus organic/low carbon cotton and bamboo/organic cotton mix. We believe that we can actually make a difference in the world if we focus on the quality and sustainability of our products.

We work closely with suppliers that are fully embody all that is organic and ethical, namely Continental Clothing and Mantis World. They are both proponents of organic cotton, which is a more natural, renewable material that also results in a reduced carbon footprint due to the low impact it has on the environment. These companies both abide by the Global Organic Textile Standard, which ensures that their products are certifiably organic and are made without any forced or bonded labour. We use these eco-friendly garments, not only because they are great for the environment, but they are also comfortable, well fitted, soft, and print up fantastically! 

With our eco-friendly ethos in mind we take it a step further and only print using water based toxic-free inks. We only print using the latest Direct to Garment printers – they’re much cleaner to print with than traditional oil-based inks and so much better for the environment, safe for children plus they look great and are softer to the touch.

Our suppliers are annually audited by the Fair Wear Foundation in accordance with the Code of Labour Practices, International Labour Organisation conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The Fair Wear Foundation ensures that those who manufacture the garments are treated and paid fairly. All our clothing is made from organic natural fabrics with no chemical fillers. The entire production process is controlled and certified by the Soil Association in accordance with the latest version of Global Organic Textile Standard



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100% Combed Cotton Jersey 165g / 4.95oz. (Melange Grey: 60% Cotton 40% Polyester)



100% Combed Cotton Interlock 240g / 7.2oz.

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